Hello, I'm Dorothy -  welcome to my website.
I am new to the beauty industry - I started my business in May 2015.  Following my retirement at age 60, I felt I was still a bit too young to sit at home so I looked for a new career.  I am so glad that I chose to do manicures and pedicures.  I have met so many lovely people who have welcomed me into their homes, introduced me to their pets and told me all about themselves!
I trained at the Kent Beauty School and the Nail and Beauty School and I am based in Loose, near Maidstone in Kent and cover the Maidstone area.  I am particularly interested in working with the natural nail and so at present do not offer acrylic nails, tips or other overlays.      
I offer leisurely, personal treatments and believe my "Body Scan" meditation, when offered with my hand mask treatment, is unique.  Just to explain, whilst waiting for the hand mask treatment to work (which takes about 15 minutes) I take the customer through a scan of their entire body helping them relax and focus on the now and how good they feel.  This is similar to mindfulness meditation which you may have heard of.  It really does relieve stress and, of course, is entirely optional with the treatment - we can just chat if you prefer!  I got into meditation and relaxation as I am also trained as a Medau Movement teacher (you may have heard of this - movement using hoops, clubs and balls and other apparatus) which includes Medau Breathing floorwork see the website www.medau.org for more information on Medau.
I hope we will meet soon when you try my treatments and that you like my website - let me know if you don't!